I had been thinking about dog grooming for some time and when I decided to take the plunge and open my own business, I knew that I wanted to work from home.

There was a slight challenge in that I didn’t want to give up any space in my precious garden to a large summer house which would house a grooming salon (please don’t think for one second that I am a precious or keen gardener, in fact my retired neighbour – or gardening fairy as I call her –  comes in and potters around and has it looking amazing, I just didn’t want a big structure blocking out the potential few rays it sees each year).  That only left me one option…..convert my garage <<<que gasp>>>.

Why the gasp?  Well, anyone that knows me knows that my husband is a keen cyclist and has ….wait for it….. nine bikes and a motorcycle!!  Who in their right mind needs 9 bikes I hear you ask…..I have often voiced that question myself!

I was under no illusion where I ranked in my husbands affections….I knew my place and was happy with a close second to the bikes.  So, I was aware that I was going to have a battle on my hands to evict him and his two wheeled babies from the garage, or man cave as it had become.

I wasn’t allowed to have the dogs on the furniture, but my hubbie felt that this was acceptable??  I actually came home to this one day.

The compromise was a purpose built building along the side of the house, running the full width of the house.  Luckily for me it was wedge shaped and slightly too narrow to house a grooming salon (phew!).  Plus I accepted his real need for another bike or two…you know, just in case one get muddy or something?!  In all seriousness, he has been super supportive and I couldn’t have done any of this without him, he’s my rock!

Once the garage had been emptied into the new shed work could begin.   First up was connecting water supplies and drainage for washing machine and another for doggie bath.

Next up was ripping out old walls and getting floor lifted up to same level as the house, putting window in, plastering walls, the list goes on….

The finished salon is amazing, it makes all the stress of having the conversion done well worth it!  I actually tend to hang out in the salon, drinking my coffee and pottering about.  My husband reckons I’ve moved in there full time!

I have purpose-built dog pens built into the counters within the salon.  As I work on a one-on-one basis with every dog these are only ever used to house the dog once I’m finished and waiting for dog to be collected.

All equipment is top of the range and designed to make the whole experience as positive as possible for your dog.  I have a fully stoked first aid cabinet for both humans and dogs. I am also fully qualified in canine first aid and also hold a Canine First Responder certificate – I can deal with many potential issues, from a cut paw to a doggie cardiac arrest.  Rest assured your dog is in safe and loving hands with me at Debonaire Dog Grooming.